Join your fellow managers on June 11th and boost your process IQ -> reserve your seats NOW

Dear Reader,

We would like to offer you and your team the  opportunity to participate  in our FREE seminar ‘GET SMARTER ABOUT PROCESS INTELLIGENCE’.

Process Intelligence is the smartest way to improve your organization’s financial and operational performance. That’s because, with Process Intelligence, you can measure and optimize the processes that run your business daily. It exposes your organization’s process behavior and allows you to analyze the root cause of any discrepancies in business outcomes.So get smarter about it and join us on June 11th  and be among the first to be eligible to receive a FREE copy of Process Intelligence for Dummies, coming this summer.By attending this  workshop you will receive practical advice on how to  improve your  processes in a targeted fashion and  increase your focus by tracking Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)  and process paths . By reading the book, you’ll learn how tools such as dashboards and mash-ups ensure the right people get actionable information at the right time.

Already 40 managers from major Belgian companies are registered for June 11th in Brussels, their main aim is to discuss with fellow managers what the added value is of a process oriented approach and also to find out:

  • In simple terms, what Process Intelligence is and why you need it
  • How to optimize internal and external business processes
  • The SMART way to identify measurable KPIs for your business
  • 10 best practices for Process Intelligence
  • How to avoid Process Intelligence pitfalls

For the companies with more than 3 participants or for teams not available on June 11th we are pleased to be able to offer you a tailored presentation for your organisation.

Act now and boost your process IQ:

  1. Take the quiz now and Get our FREE e-book before anyone else.
  2. Join us on June 11th for a free seminar in Brussels.
  3. Reserve a tailored workshop for your team by simply replying to this email.

I’m looking forward to talking to you soon,

Philippe Van Impe

Deze email is natuurllijk ook beschikbaar in het Nederlands.
Cet email est également disponible en français.

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