Getting ready to present ARIS PPM5

On Friday November 20th 2009, I will host a presentation of the ARIS PPM5 product.

ARIS PPM 5 helps companies to assess their business processes in terms of speed, cost, quality, and quantity, and to identify optimization opportunities. As part of a process discovery exercise, organizations can obtain a comprehensive overview of the performance of their business workflows by way of objective process indicators and a graphical visualization of the actual structure of their transactions (down to individual transaction level).

ARIS PPM 5’s completely new in-memory architecture stores data directly in main memory. This delivers outstanding speed (Grounbreaking Performance) for analyzing process information and extracting / importing the required data. Only a fraction of the storage space used by traditional database systems is needed. The new architecture also provides unique analysis options and simplified handling (Live Analytics), with users able to view and analyze factors that influence processes (time, region, product group, sales organization, etc.) via an interactive filter panel. To immediately identify priorities, frequencies (e.g., how many processes are running in which region, and for which product group) are permanently displayed for all criteria.

Target Groups:
Business Managers, Quality Managers, Business Analysts, Information Managers, Change Managers, Project Managers, Business Controllers, Risk Managers, Compliance Officers

Business Themes:
Cost savings, performance improvement, risk management, live analytics.


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